Why Partner With Us?

Long Term Client Relationships

 BFS client lifespan is greater than 11.5 years on average compared to the industry average of 2 years!

High Client Retention

We are very humbled but proud to say that we maintain a 98% client retention rate!

We Can Help You:

Save Time

BFS gives you valuable time back to invest on the highest value tasks.  BFS/CFG gives you back the equivalent of 1-2 full time employees

Save Cost

BFS/CFG saves our clients 10% - 35% over our competitors. As well, our benefits experts save you significant costs on benefits and renewals with a renewal rate of way less than half the regional and national average.

Decrease Liability

BFS helps to prevent liability by executing compliant HR systems and processes as well as providing our expertise.

Improve Service and Care

BFS has a dedicated team of experts that help with any piece of HR you need from recruiting assistance to background/drug screens, from new employee on-boarding to terminations and everything in between.  We are a team of people doing work for you verses a website. We also have a very high rate of accuracy and excellence!

Utilize our Tailor-Made Solutions

BFS tailors our solutions to meet the need of the client and to be best for the client long-term. 

Improve Efficiency and Employee Experience

BFS utilizes the best PEO software on the planet to make sure that you and your employees have a user- friendly, very pleasing experience.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Amazing benefits, terrific HR support, outstanding technology and user experience means you will attract and retain the highest caliber employees.

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