Comprehensive Payroll Processing



Bene-Fit Solutions takes on the responsibility for handling virtually all payroll related burdens for our clients by providing this comprehensive service package.

Payroll Processing

Issue paychecks or process direct deposits to cover regular earnings, overtime, holidays, vacation, sick or other leave, commissions, bonuses, severance, and any authorized advances. Secure web-based payroll entry and reports.

Employee Withholdings

Withhold child support payments and other wage garnishments and remit to the appropriate government agencies.

Federal Wage and Hour Recommendations

We will provided advice and make recommendations regarding compliance to Wage and Hour laws.

WC Compliance

Accrue workers' compensation insurance premiums by class code and remit as required by your policy. Bene-Fit Solutions will submit monthly reports to the carrier and comply with all audit requests.

Web based HR access

Unlimited access to web-based employee information and reporting. This includes the hosting of handbooks, forms, etc

Additional Benefits

Employer Taxes

Remit the employer's share of Social Security and Medicare taxes to our depository institutions. Bene-Fit Solutions will also remit state and federal unemployment taxes on applicable wages.

PTO, Vacation, and Sick Leave

Maintain paid-time off policies and process as described in your employee handbook.

Benefit Deductions

Deduct premiums for employee benefits from employee paychecks. Collect and apply deductions for all benefit programs.

Tax Filing

Withhold Federal Income, State Income, Social Security and Medicare taxes from employee wages and deposit them with a designated financial institution on their behalf.

Tax Filing

Prepare and file all quarterly and annual payroll tax return. Bene-Fit Solutions will issue W2s and other required reports at year-end. We will also pay and issue any 1099s, if desired by the client.

Detailed & Customized Reporting

Provide detailed payroll registers, service center labor reporting and departmental reporting in an electronic form.

Certified Payrolls

Our team can easily handle the complex process of certified payroll needs.

New-Hire Reporting

Provide new-hire reporting to governmental agencies as required to maintain compliance.

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