Benefits, Brokerage, and Administration Services

Benefits Made Easy

Finding, quoting, and administering benefit plans can be time consuming and mistakes costly. Our goal is to provide you with a complete service team, process, and platform so that enrollments, renewals, and terminations are streamlined. Financial reconciliation and reporting are also a central component of our monthly services.


Our full-services brokerage allows us to shop for the most competitive plans for your company. We service and write fully insured, partially self-funded, and fully self-funded medical plans in addition to dental, vision, and all ancillary products.

File Transmittal

Bene-Fit Solutions, LLC will deliver all required data files to each of the carriers on the required frequency and handle all the fund transfers. This applies to Medical, Dental, Vision, STD, LTD, Life, Voluntary, 401(k), Flex 125, and HSA or HRA plans you may have setup for your staff.

Benefit Enrollments and Changes

We are able to track benefits eligibility and assist in enrolling new employees into your plans. We can also make benefit status changes such as reporting terminated employees to your carriers, or any other changes in status, as well as setting-up and tracking all plans and employee participation in the payroll system.

Worker's Comp Brokerage and Administration

Our full-services brokerage allows us to shop for the most competitive plans for your company.

Employer/Employee Web Access

We provide up-to-date information on a secure website for employees to check personal information regarding payroll, benefit withholdings, enrollment data, etc.

Broker Partnerships

We do partner with other brokerages as well! Our company is able to assist with a client’s HR, payroll, and/or other administrative needs, allowing us to partner with other brokerages who provide their medical, ancillary, and/or retirement plan benefits.

Throughout our partnership one thing that has always stood out is Benefit Solutions’ dedication to their clients, their community, and the integrity in which they approach each.

             - Vice President of a Colorado Bank

Additional Services

Open Enrollment

We can host in-person open enrollment and renewal meetings with employees. During the meetings, we also include utilization training and health & wellness seminars at no additional cost to you. We can also assist and cooperate with your broker for open enrollment and renewals. 


Bene-Fit Solutions, LLC will work directly with all your 401(k), Flex 125, HSA, and HRA vendors to provide them with the required reporting that is needed for any testing or government reporting. We also work directly with your insurance partners to provide them with the required census data each anniversary so they can search the market for the most cost effective and desired benefit plans.

Claims Assistance

We assist all employees with claims issues for medical, dental, and vision. Employees may communicate directly with our benefits team, send the bill/issues, and our team will work with the employee and provider for resolution.


We administer employee enrollment, handle all deductions, remittance, and administration of employee benefits.

Benefit Plan Design and Review

We assist with plan development and design, as well as make recommendations each renewal period. Our team will analyze current carrier rates and options annually, prior to renewal, to ensure the best available and most cost-effective medical, dental, and vision plans are offered to employees.


Each month we provide a detailed reconciliation of all benefit plans you offer to the accounting department for the entry of the related cost and any adjustments. This will be done for both self-billed and pay-as-billed plans.

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